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City of Corona, CA Cannabis Regulations – Regulatory Map Now Available!

The city of Corona, CA is in the process of developing an ordinance that, if passed, will allow for cannabis retail, delivery, manufacturing, distribution, and testing labs within the city’s manufacturing zones.

This is a huge opportunity to read this blog post and learn the Corona, CA cannabis regulations to prepare for the new rules to be confirmed.

City of Corona Overview

corona ca cannabis regulations map

With a population of approximately 180,000 residents, the city is located near the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside County markets. Corona offers an exciting opportunity to serve as a centralized base for your Southern California operations.

Additionally, the city is conveniently near several populous cities like Anaheim, that have not yet legalized commercial cannabis, but allow for deliveries of cannabis originating outside the city limits.

Read on to learn the details of the upcoming ordinances and find out how you can get a head start on the competition by finding a qualified cannabis location in Corona.


Corona, CA Cannabis Regulations – Ordinance Coming Soon!

On June 26, 2019, the City Council held a study session on the possible regulation of commercial cannabis businesses and directed staff to begin work on a proposed ordinance and related policy documents to regulate commercial cannabis businesses.  City council authorized the formation of a Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee, consisting of Mayor Steiner and Council Member Scott, to work with staff on developing the regulatory documents.

On February 19, 2020, the Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee presented a first draft of a cannabis ordinance for Corona and the city has spent the last few months refining the details with hopes to have a finalized ordinance in place soon.

All of the following regulatory information comes from the posted recent draft of the ordinance released by the city on June 24th, 2020.



About the Proposed Cannabis Ordinance in Corona, CA 

Cannabis Uses: Retail, Delivery, Manufacturing, Distribution, Testing Labs, Storefront Retail Microbusiness, and Non-Storefront Retail Microbusiness.

Proposed Caps: Storefront Retail and or Storefront Retail Microbusiness – The maximum shall be calculated using a formula of one (1) storefront retailer and/or storefront retail microbusiness per 15,000 City residents, rounded-up to the next whole number, or as established by City Council resolution pursuant to § 5.36.060(E).

As of the date of adoption of the ordinance establishing this section in 2020, the maximum is twelve (12) licenses.  Multiple retail locations prohibited. A retail commercial cannabis business shall not be permitted to operate at multiple locations in the city.

All other commercial cannabis uses would have no limit on the number of cannabis businesses allowed, making the city a potential hub for manufacturing, distribution, testing, and delivery operations.

Proposed Operating Fees:

  • Storefront Retailer: A rate of up to 9% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received. 
  • Non-storefront Retailer: A rate of up to 9% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received.  
  • Manufacturing: A rate of up to 7% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received.  
  • Distribution: A rate of up to 7% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received. 
  • Testing Laboratory: A rate of up to 3% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received.  
  • Microbusiness: A rate of up to 9% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received for the retail portion of the business, plus a rate of 7% of the gross receipts generated or otherwise received for the manufacturing and distribution portions of the business. 


Corona, CA Zoning for Cannabis

All commercial cannabis uses will be required to be located in the Manufacturing (M-1, M-2, M-3, M-4) zones of the city and are subject to the following setback requirements:

  • Retailers and storefront retail microbusinesses: can not be within a 1,000-foot radius of: Public or private school providing instruction in kindergarten or any of grades 1 to 12;  youth centers; day care centers; public or private parks; residential zone; or any other retailer or storefront retail microbusiness.
  • Manufacturers, Distributors, non-storefront microbusiness, and testing Laboratories: can not be within a 600 foot radius of: public or private school providing instruction in kindergarten or any of grades 1 to 12; youth centers; day care center; public or private park; or residential zones.


Whats Happens Next in Corona?

A number of documents (other than the above Ordinance and Resolution) and actions are required before implementation can occur, including developing application and administration processes and completing a final CEQA review.  Nonetheless, the City of Corona’s draft schedules call for consideration and adoption of the required documents as early as September and October, with an effective date and application implementation as early as November.

Here is a detailed look at the estimated schedule for passing this ordinance. Click here for the details


Get an early start on finding a perfect location.  We’ll help you find a qualified property, so you can be prepared when the application window begins.


Corona, CA – Contact us to Get Started!

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